Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Your Black Beauty: Make-Up Application Videos for Black Women

Your Black Beauty: How To Wrap Your Hair

Wrapping the hair is a concept well known to many Black women, but some people either have never tried wrapping their hair, or just don't know if they're doing it correctly. Here's a quick how to from

Sleek Wrap

A wrap set is a great way to get a sleek look! You will need a comb, setting lotion and hair clips (these are optional depending upon how long your hair is) and/or some paper wrap strips.
Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair and apply setting lotion
Step 2: Use your comb and comb/wrap your hair around in a beehive or
circle, blending the hair together all around your head
Step 3: Secure where you hair joins with hair clips, or you can place a
wrap strip around your head to secure your hair in place
Step 4: Dry your hair under a hooded dryer, remove clips or wrap strip and
comb and style

Dry Wrap or Roller Wrap Set

To do the roller wrap set, also know as the doobie, you will need to roller set your hair, dry it under a hooded dryer, take the rollers out, then comb/brush your hair around in a wrap). Leave it wrapped for a while and when you comb it down, you will have big loose wavy curls with lots of body.

(Here's a video on how to do it)